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Thai Inspection Co., Ltd.

Thailand's best inspection company

Procurement includes all activities involved in identifying and evaluating potential suppliers, as well as selecting and engaging with the right suppliers that provide the best value. Supply, usually with the signing of a contract or an agreement, is reached between buyers and suppliers. We have a team of experts in sourcing, market assessment, development, execution strategies, and negotiation of contract terms to reach contractual agreements with suppliers, in order to meet the needs of the buyer and maximize the business operation.

Thai Inspection Company Limited was established in June 2020 for sourcing service In Thailand. Our services include auditing, procurement, and sorting with effective quality standards. We are backed by a team of highly skilled professionals with years of experience in providing inspection services, who always strive to produce high quality products.

We have a specialized industry team and skilled personnel in each project. With experience in each line of work in both Thailand and abroad. This is what makes “Thai Inspection” one of the best companies for Sourcing & Inspection in Thailand. We operate with professional principles in accordance with international standards to ensure that our assignments are in accordance with the standards set by the customer.

Manufacturer Sourcing Service

Sourcing Services find the right supplier that meets customer needs.

  • Supplier of import and export products
  • Product manufacturer
  • Supplier


Sorting and Rework

We provide standard sorting services. Including the most efficient sorting process

  • Systematization
  • Elimination


Quality Inspection

Quality inspections ensure that customers’ products meet their specifications and quality standards.

  • In-process audit (IPI)
  • Pre-shipment inspection (PSI)
  • Supervision of Container Loading (CLS)
  • Video review (VI)